What to Do While Social Distancing

Last week was my first week of “quarantine and social distancing”.  Today makes my ninth day of working from home. I’m so thankful to still be able to work with everything going on. Work is even more stressful and I was in the middle of making plans for vacations that were much needed. Unfortunately, all of that planning for fun in the sun has been postponed. 

Although for some people staying home is hard, it is important for us doing our part. We have to be sure we are not contributing to the spread. It can be hard as I know people love spending time with family and friends, brunching, and shopping.  So below I have listed a few things to do while practicing social distancing. 

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

No matter the time, grab your laptop and a glass (or bottle) of wine gather your friends to chat. It can be great to see your loved ones especially since sometimes the busyness of life gets in the way. I personally have been using Zoom for my work staff meetings. However, there a ton of other great video conferencing tools.

Clean that Closet

I know I never have the time to clean my closet and drawers. However, this is the perfect time. Get a trash bag turn on some music and get to decluttering your space. make your three piles (donate, trash, or sell). 

Work Out

I can admit that I was the first to say that my exercising journey stopped once we could no longer visit the gym. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of at-home work outs that we can do in order to keep ourselves in line with our fitness goals. There are plenty of videos on Youtube to watch, work-out ideas on Pinterest, and lastly check your Facebook for some at-home workouts. We all can use some motivation you can check out my post for a few tips to encourage your exercise.

Read Read Read

Do you have an overflowing shelf of books you just haven’t had time to get to? I’m guilty! So no judgement. There are a ton of books in my room and in my Amazon favorites. I’m guilty of having the “to read list” and not completing the book. Don’t be like me, take the time to knock a few books off your list. I actually recently started a new book, so I’m praying I can complete it. 


Sleep! How easy is this. Definitely something I don’t do enough of. Do you? We get so busy with life and our long to-do lists that sleep is last on the list. Take this time and put it closer to the top of the list. 

Write it Out

Grab a notebook and write your thoughts and feelings. Allow your thoughts to take center and use this method as a healthy alternative. Write down your dreams. What do you want to accomplish? Write a letter to yourself to open in a few years. 


I know I have subscribed myself to a few podcasts. There is a podcast for everyone, you just have to look for them. I’ll soon be sharing a list of podcasts I have subscribed to.

Create a To-Do List

Do you have a long mental to-do list? If so , grab a sheet of paper and write everything down. This is the perfect time to tackle that list. Whatever it maybe this is the time to.


What are some things you plan to do while you are social distancing? Let’s chat below?





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