Tips to Start Exercising

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Okay so I will be the first to say that I have totally fallen off of exercising (not that I was 100% on to begin with). I always seem to do good at first then I start to slowly lose it. I am wanting to get back into the swing of exercising. I know that I want to, but I don’t want to…. if that makes any sense. These tips to start exercising are definitely tips that I have been putting to use so far. I will admit I am not always consistent, but that is my own laziness kicking in.

5 Tips to Start Exercising

Start Slow & Simple

Whether you are starting to workout for the first time or trying to get back into the swing of working out this tips remains the same start slow. If you haven’t worked out in a while, don’t pressure yourself.

Workout Playlist

I definitely need to listen to something to keep me going when I’m working out. Sometimes that may be a bomb playlist. Other times it may be a podcast or catching up on YouTube. I love to read, but I can’t really concentrate on reading while I’m running on a treadmill. If you like audible books then that’s another option. Find something to keep you going. Make sure you have enough to last you your entire workout.


Just drink plenty of water. Definitely want to keep yourself hydrated.

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Accountability Partner

This is not a friend that tells you you need to lose weight or continuously comments on how much weight you have gained. This is the friend that calls you up and says “Hey, let’s go to the gym.” This is the friend that will do her best to keep you both exercising. She or he will hold you accountability and you provide the same support. Committing to working out is a little easier when you have a partner to do it with. You want to have someone to not only hold you accountable, but to also boost your motivation. It is always better when you have someone who is capable of pushing you when you think you cannot continue.

Schedule Time

Take a look at your schedule. Determine the best time for you to workout. For some it may be first thing in the morning; for others it could be after work. I have gotten up at 4 am before to workout. Even though I hate it, I actually felt pretty good starting my morning with some exercise. You just have to find the best time for you in hopes that it makes it easier to commit. Some people even go during lunch breaks. Scheduling a time to go is important because having g it on your schedule will help in your commitment to working out. Figure out your busiest time of the day and don’t schedule it then. Find time even if it is just 30 minutes. Make it happen!

Just Keep Pushing

There are those days that I just can’t make it to the gym. Maybe I got home from work late, I’m feeling sick, or I go out with friends that night. Whatever the reason, I don’t workout. After that day, I can easily fall off. It’s disappointing, but I can easily let a week or two pass before starting back up. I need to ┬ádo better. It’s okay to miss a day, but I still have to keep pushing. Missing a day should make me go harder, not lazier.


Do you find any of these few tips helpful? The most important tip for me is to have an accountability partner. It is hard for me to stay committed when I am by myself. It is something that I am trying to work on.

Please feel free to share your tips below!


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