Miss to Mrs Box 1 Review

So if you haven’t read my I’m Getting Married post. Click the title to catch up. On today’s post I wanted to do a review on the Miss to Mrs Box 1.

I was really excited to subscribe to a subscription box because I love receiving goodies. Anything from small goodies to large goodies I love them all.

I found out about the subscription box from Instagram of course. I also found out about a few more bridal subscriptions. Unfortunately my boyfriend oops I mean fiancé was not okay with me subscribing to 3 bridal boxes. So I choose Miss to Mrs. I signed up anxious to see what products I could receive. So now I want to share them with you. If you are newly engaged and you want a few goodies this is for you.








As I said earlier, this is my first box from Miss to Mrs I have to say I am pretty impressed with the contents. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The box contained the items listed below:

Theme: Let’s Plan This

1. Bride to Be Tumbler: The tumbler is really cute. I love the floral bottle with the gold top. I will be honest with you ladies and say that it does not hold ice or keep your drinks cold for long periods of time. I really wasn’t expecting it to hold ice well so I can’t really complain. One thing i didn’t like was the face that my tumbler top arrived a little bruised. Although the tumbler doesn’t keep water cold long, I have still been using it. I just make sure I add ice every so often to keep it cold. It helps encourage me to drink the water faster so thats a good thing!

2. Love Balloon: This ballon would be a cute piece to add to your bridal or engagement party. It seals automatically for easy use. I will definitely be giving this to my sister so she can use in the planning of my parties.

3. Jewelry Wipes: I thought these were really cute box addition. They were something that I honestly wouldn’t have thought of needing. Ten wipes come in this pack to help you keep your diamond sparkling. It will be great to keep a wipe in your purse for those “just in case” moments. I mean you never really know when you may need to wipe your ring off.

4. Diamond Pens: Who isn’t always in need of a pen? They are super cute. I love cute pens and these are no exception. I actually don’t want to write with them for fear of losing or misplacing them. These will be perfect to use with that wedding planner or even a few Instagram photos.

5. Let’s Plan This: This notepad will come in handy for wedding planning and afterward. Use it to keep track of the daily tasks you must complete. I personally love writing down my to-do lists and now I don’t have to use sticky notes.

6. Paper Clips: This is another item that could be useful in the wedding planner. These cute gold paperclips (2 of each: bow, diamond, hashtag, and heart) will keep your wedding paperwork organized.

7. Necklace: Last but not least, a diamond shaped gold necklace will be a great piece to add with any outfit. the box that the necklace comes in says “Congratulations to the future Mrs.”


If I had to pick 2 favorites I would definitely pick the two below.  The runner up would most likely be the necklace.





The next subscription box is themed “Ultimate Bridal Swag” I plan to do another box from Miss to Mrs I am anxious to see what items they have. I think it’s so exciting getting goodies every month. Not only does it keep you excited during this time, but because wedding can get a little stressful there is nothing like goodies arriving at your door to put a smile on your face.

The downside is is that getting a subscription box is very scary. You just never know what items will come and if you will find them worth the money. So far I’m happy with the items I am praying that every box gives me items that I can use and enjoy.

If you like this box or want to learn more, click here.

Have you tried any of the bridal subscription boxes? If so please share I just might check them out!

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