May Playlist

So I decided to share a few songs from my May Playlist. I love music, but I have definitely fallen behind. There is so much “new music” out that I sometimes don’t even know where to start. In the past I used to stay downloading music and uploading my iTunes. I guess I had iTunes OCD because the album cover had to be added and the artist, genre, year album, etc had to be filled in. I just loved the cohesion of it all.

A few years back my sister dropped my laptop and it was damaged beyond repair. So all the song\albums I had were gone. After a few months I finally got another laptop, but honestly I had no energy to redownload all my music. Hence, the beginning of me getting behind.

Now every month Apple takes $10 out of my account so I am definitely trying to put iTunes to use. I am working on adding new artist to my shuffle. The thing is, I’m so behind it’s crazy. I mean honestly when I hear some of the new music I’m so confused like “who is this person.” I find myself sounding like my mom (lol love you mom). My sister and fiancé definitely help to keep me in the loop sometimes. Slowly but surely I’m getting there.


With that being said, this post is to share some music that I have been riding to, flat ironing my hair to, showering with, etc. Keep reading 🙂

May Music Playlist
  1. Believe-Damar Jackson
  2. Please me-Cardi B for Bruno Mars
  3. You on You-Yella Beezy
  4. Shot Clock- Ella Mai
  5. You- Nicole Bus
  6. Lil Bebe- DaniLeigh
  7. For Everybody- Kash Doll
  8. Broken Clocks
  9. Love Language- Kahlani
  10. Straight Up & Down-Bruno Mars
  11. Everything is Love-The Carter’s
  12. Every Kind of Way- H.E.R
  13. We Ride- Gucci Mane ft. Monica
  14. Thinking’ Bout You-Ciara
  15. Best Part-H.E.R ft Daniel Caesar
  16. If it Ain’t Me- Trina ft K. Michelle
  17. Black Bonnie- Wale
  18. Karma- Queen Naja
  19. Rock- Plies
  20. Triggered-Jhene Aiko
  21. If You Let Me- Siena’s Harnett
  22. Truth Hurts-Lizzie

This is definitely not all but just a snippet into my playlist. I’m always looking for more songs to add, what songs do you keep on repeat?



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