Brunch with the Bride

As you can probably guess I will be sharing with you how I asked my bridesmaids at my Brunch with the Bride. I was so excited!! It was a struggle to figure out exactly what I wanted to get them because I wanted to do so much. I used pieces that I felt stayed in theme of the wedding and the colors as well as something they would hopefully use even after the wedding.

Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor Boxes

So to give you a little background, my wedding colors are purple, silver and gray with touches of white. This could possibly change, but purple is a definite.  I chose to go with crates because I felt they would be more useful and durable than a box would be. I will have 6 bridesmaid and 1 maid of honor. Let’s get into the crate:

  • Bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor T-Shirt; They each got a purple shirt with bridesmaid/maid of honor on it.
  • Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor Tumbler: Instead of saying bridesmaid, I had the tumblers monogrammed with their names and a heart at the end.
  • Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer: I mean you can never have too many of these around
  • BridesTribe Pouch: I couldn’t resist having this added to the box.I wish I would have gotten my hashtag added to the pouches, but it was too late.
  • Super Soft Wonder Blender: Majority of my girls like make-up and I heard really great things about the blender. I hid this inside of the brides tribe pouch because it didn’t flow with the wedding colors.
  • Maid of Honor Coffee Mug: I knew I needed my sister to have at least one gift that was different. I loved it the minute I saw it. She loved it too her tears said so :).
  • Ring Dishes: The ring dishes had the first letter of their names in them. Although I’m the one getting married, I knew the dish could come in handy for jewelry.
  • Will you….? Card: Everyone got a card with a different question on the front. I wrote in each of the cards to personalize them.

The Brunch

I had my Brunch with the Bride the first Sunday in October. I was a little stressed about the planning, but it actually came out better than I anticipated. The decision to do the brunch at my parent’s house was because I wanted something that we didn’t usually do. Sunday morning I woke up helped set up the tent and prepared for the day. It was definitely a hectic morning trying to prepare everything, but it was worth it. I was so glad my bridesmaid that were able to make it loved the brunch. I received nothing but compliments from them.

The food consisted of fruit tray, chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. I definitely have to give a huge thanks to the cooks because it definitely was great! We also mixed cider with orange juice for a tasty drink. The dessert was a strawberry and caramel cheesecake.

During the bridal brunch the main conversation was time. Everyone kept saying how time would fly and before I know it, the wedding date would be here. It definitely made me nervous.

So tell me, how late is too late to start planning your wedding?

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