As of Lately

Well I apologize for my tardiness/absence …. I have been feeling so sluggish as of lately. There is so much I want to do/need to do, but I don’t have the energy to do it.

What have I been doing lately? Nothing.. Definitely not wedding planning… This is sad. My fiancé was gone for an entire month. The only thing I managed to do during that time was order a few bridesmaid proposal gifts. I’m pretty sure this is normal, but nothing for my wedding has been decided. I mean the only thing I know for sure is who the groom is. Even the date is up in the air.

I really need to buckle down. I’m a procrastinator; however, this is the one time I don’t want to be. I have attempted to search out wedding planners. No luck yet. This is one thing I know I have to be picky with. I mean they will be the one I am trusting with my biggest day. My fiancé is not 100% on board with the wedding planner; however, I am! I mean I definitely want to be heavily involved, but I know myself. I’ll need all the help.

I definitely have a long to do list.

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