5 Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Happy Hump Day!! This post is definitely going up later than I intended, but better late than never right? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I love love everyday, but it is especially sweet to have a day dedicated to showing your significant other you love them.

Whether it’s a simple note, breakfast in bed, flowers and teddy bear, or catching flights with your loved one its all so sweet. Do you have plans for your significant other? If not, nothing to fear keep reading for 5 great Valentine’s date ideas.

Whether you want to go out with your beau, girlfriends, or treat yourself, I have a few great date night ideas for you. Nothing wrong with an old fashion dinner and movie; I think those are classics. Maybe it’s finding a new receipe to cook together and catching a great movie on Netflix. Or it could putting on your best outfits be going out to that expensive restaurant

Keep reading for a few great date night ideas.

Date 1: Comedy Show

I love a good comedy show. It allows you to get all dressed up with the goal to laugh all night long. Check out your local comedy clubs to see if any good comedians are coming through. Who doesn’t want to spend the night laughing with the one they love? 

Date 2: Spa Day

With life being busy, Valentine’s Day can be a great way for you and your beau to get some relaxation. Look ahead for any of the specials at your local spas and schedule a much needed massage and/or facial. 

Date 3: Take a Road Trip

Who said Valentine’s Day had to be one day? Make a weekend out of it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip, a simple cheap trip to the next town over can be just what you need. Whether it’s a city you have never been or one that has a few of your favorite restaurants. Instead of spending big money on a gift, spend it on an experience. 

Date 4: Romance Night

This can be the cheapest date. Check out a few of the love sick/chic flick movies on Netflix. Grab some popcorn and make a night out of watching all of the chic flick movies you guys can stand. 

Date 5: Love Letter

Spend some time across the table writing sappy love letters to each other. You can choose to swap and read the letters immediately, open the letters in a few years, or save them for the day when its seems like s*** has hit the fan. Relationships are hard and every now and then we need a friendly reminder.

If you didn’t have any Valentine’s Day plans I hope this post gave you an idea to celebrate the day of love.

So I’m curious what is your most memorable Valentine’s Day date?

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