What’s in my Bag: Disney Edition

I just want to start this post of by once again sharing this picture from my trip, I loved seeing the Cinderella’s Castle (especially the firework show). I was really hoping I could catch a proposal while snapping pictures of the castle.  Just my luck it didn’t happen, but a girl can dream right?

While packing for Disney World I knew I would need a backpack to carry while we walked the parks. Thank God I had a boyfriend to carry it. There are a lot of things that one may choose to carry in their bag. The items in this bag can be used for someone headed to any theme park. Of course these aren’t the only things; however, for me they were a few of the most important.

Bottle of water and Container

I purchased the water bottle I used during my vacation from WalMart. I saw the bottle while standing in the check-out line. After purchasing the bottles, I came home and loaded one with ice and loaded the other bottle with ice  and water. The plan was to see how long the ice lasted and how long the water remained cold. If the bottle lasted as long as it was advertised for, I would keep it. Clearly the bottles lasted since they madd the trip. Before we left for the parks, I filled each bottle with ice and carried at least two bottles of water in the backpack. When we became thirsty, we poured water into the bottles. Another group member carried a cooler that contained water bottles so two was enough to have in the back pack. Due to the sun beaming, I advise you to stay hydrated.


I mean Flordia, outside park, walking, sun……. sunscreen is a must.


Depending on the person, this is not mandatory. I however chose to wear the sunshades. Some people may choose to war a hat to block the sun. Perfectly fine. If you choose the shades, it would be helpful to had the string so a) you don’t lose them b) they can go on and off easily.


In Flordia it rains. Once while at the park it rained while some of my group were in line to ride Avatar (thank God it started when we made it to the entrance. Another day at the park rain poured so we decided to eat. Another day at the park I used my umbrella while my mom sister aunt and friend had to purchase ponchos. Usually the rain doesn’t last long but stay on the side of caution.

Glasses, Contact Case and solution

I suggest wearing contacts if you have the option. You don’t want to have to keep taking on and putting off your glasses when prepping for rides. Some of the rides require you to wear glasses for effects as well. If you do wear contacts, I brought my case and solution just in case my eyes got irritated or something happened to my contacts.


I tend to get sick very easily; therefore, I always try to keep snacks in my bag or purse. The snacks definitely come in handy while walking from attraction to attraction or standing in the long lines for rides. Some great snacks I recommend would be chips, granola bars, breakfast biscuits, or nuts.


If you love to capture moments and own a camera, I say bring it. The camera stayed in my bag and only came out when needed, but I always had it on me. Some pictures I even took on my iPhone but I was glad to have my camera.


The towel has a very simple use. I put the towel in the bag for the sole purpose of wiping sweat. For those moments that I got to sweaty to handle I could pul the towel out wipe my back or face and keep it going.

Autograph Book

Well, I mean I am at Disney World. In case you get the opportunity to see Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, or Donald, I packed my old autograph book. Unfortunately, my trip didn’t result in seeing any characters but I was prepared with the book and pin.


For some this may seem unnecessary, but for me it was a must. As stated, I get sick very easily; I also get hot very easily. So walking around under the sun in 80-90 degree weather equals a really hot girl. I definitely had to stay hydrated and cool. I purchased this fan from WalMart. Although I went in looking for the battery operated fan that shoots water, I made a last minute decision when I saw this fan and purchased it instead. It actually worked pretty well, although there were moments that it just wasn’t blowing hard enough for me.

Hand Sanitizer

I personally like to keep sanitizer on me at all times. If you are going to be at a park touching on things and eating snacks sanitizer will be your best friend. But please don’t forget to put a new bottle of sanitizer in you backpack, I did and it was trouble trying to squeeze drops into my palms.


There are a lot more necessities that could be added to your backpack when headed to DisneyWorld. What are some items you think are important to carry in you Disney Bag(Backpack)?


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