What To Pack for College

Along with the month of August, comes the start of school. This is the first summer that I don’t have to anticipate going back to school. Honestly, it is kind of weird. It feels good to not have to worry about taking a test every week. When August starts I think it will once again hit me that I will no longer be a college student (Thank God).

Since I am pretty fresh out of college, I have decided to start a College Series. With this series I hope to give some advice and tips to those attending college. Hopefully this series helps a new student as they begin their new journey through college or a an older student looking for advice.

The first post of this series is dedicated to how to pack for college. You are leaving home and moving into the campus dorms. If you are like me you are weary to be roommates with one (or in my case three) other people.

I am a heavy packer so I always think I need to bring my whole room whenever I go anywhere. Here is a reduced but important list of things you should purchase or bring along with you:

Plenty of Undergarments– I mean I can’t say this enough. You can never pack too many panties. Doing so allows you to prolong your wash days.

Space Saving Hangers– I stayed on campus and had to work with a small closet. I understand the struggle. I suggest using these hangers to hang multiple shirts on to save space (hence the name). They actually work pretty well. I also carried these hangers with me when me and my 2 friends moved into a house close to campus.

Business Attire– I know some of you are probably thinking why you need any type of business attire. Well first off, if you plan on being involved in clubs and organizations or sororities/fraternities then there is an interview process. Not to mention if you decide to get a job somewhere off-campus you will have to interview. There are also career fairs and interviews for internship opportunities. You don’t want the reason you couldn’t attend an event and network to be due to a lack of business attire.

Rain boots– An easy item to forget. But if you are living on campus especially without a car the rain boots will come in handy if you have to walk to class in the rain.

Toiletries– You don’t want to run out. Don’t go on toiletry overload, but I suggest keeping enough to keep you from running out until you can make another store run. A few items to keep in stock are: toothpaste, tampons,shampoo/conditioner, razor, soap, deodorant, etc.

2 Sets of sheets–  Having an extra set of sheets for your bed is great so you don’t have to be in a rush to wash. Besides if you are like me you making up the bed and want to prolong that as soon as possible.

Bed risers– I had to purchase these during my freshman year in order to fit storage bins under the bed. Living in a dorm room, your closet is not as big as it is at home, so to fit more clothes, I used storage bins that I kept under my bed.

Small refrigerator– Depending on your dorm type, you may be provided with a large community refrigerator. However, I still suggest purchasing a small fridge to keep in your room. I stored all kinds of food/drinks that I did not want to share with others in my room.

Great DVD collection– You don’t have to go overboard, but yea you definitley want to have some type of entertainment when you are sitting in your dorm room not studying. There may not be anything on television and the DVDs will be helpful. Be careful who you lend your collection out to. Sometimes you may never get them back (speaking from experience).

Air freshner– It’s important to keep your dorm room smelling good. You can go to your local WalMart or Bath and Body Works to grab a few smell goods. You never know when you (or your roommate) may need it.

Open-mind–  If you are heading into your first year of college believe me when I say that time flies. If you are a returning student I’m sure you know what I mean.  This is a time where you will get to experience different opportunities and meet a variety of people from all over. Come into college ready to meet new people, and try different things. It will be worth it!


I hope you that are in the process of packing for college can use this list of items as a guide. As I stated I am a heavy packer, so there are plenty more items I probably could have added to this list. However, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

I hope this helps! 🙂

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