What They Don’t Tell You After Graduation

Life is hard.

I just wanted to let that statement marinate for a minute.

What they do not tell you after graduation is that life does not necessarily move at the speed of lightening for everyone. Everyone is not able to have a job immediately after graduating. They will not have that stellar salary when they start. Everyone will not start at the position they want, they will not immediately be supervisors or coordinators (even though you are great and probably think you deserve the position).

It’s tough. We think/hope that we will be able to graduate and immediately hop into the lives that we have dreamed of when we don’t have to look at another college textbook. Then our hopes are up when we realize life doesn’t (always) work out that way.

I am in a position where I recently (this week) loss my job due to lack of work. To give a little background, about two months before graduation I accepted a job at my internship. I was excited because 1) I had a job 2 months before I graduated (no interviewing necessary), and 2) it was a tad bit different than what I did as an intern. However, the job I was initially hired for did not work out due to some policy changes. I was moved to another team within the agency. My supervisor and I discussed me becoming a permanent worker. However, once I got back from my Disney Vacation I received the news that I would no longer be employed. I am proud of myself for not completely breaking down. I mean I honestly did not really like my job; however, I needed an income. I was working at least until I found something else or I hopefully passed my licensure exam.

So here I sit two months after I graduated with no job. Now I am wondering what I am going to do. With only my certification finding work is a little bit hard. I must admit, I am also being picky in what I choose to do (which I really should not do at this point). Motivation is key.  I know that I do need to motivate myself to start and consistently study for my licensure exam. I am so ready to jump start on my career.

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