It’s the Little Things

With the changes that have recently occurred with me and my new job I have sort of been out of the loop. It’s a mental thing I know. I just feel so drained sometimes. But the little things in life really get to me.

1st Little Thing:

I wake up two weeks ago tired, cramping, and just plain lousy. I decided that before work I would go by Whataburger for breakfast. In my mind I’m going over my to-do list and wishing I could just stay in my bed. When I get to the window the conversation went a little like this:
Me: holds cash out window

Cashier:”the car in front of me paid for my food.”

Me: really?

Cashier: *smiles* “yes”

Me: “aww” *watery eyes*

The cashier just smiled as she handed me my food. As I drove off I said a prayer of thanks to the gracious person in front of me. The gesture is one that is on my to-do list; to have it happen to me was something special. My order was $2 and some change but to have someone decide to make my day was really quite special.

You never know how much a small gesture can impact someone’s day. Something as innocent as holding the door to giving someone a compliment. So I challenge you reading this post to do something nice for someone else.
2nd Little Thing

On last Wednesday my boyfriend had a day off. So he came down to take me to lunch. I gave him the address and he met me at my office. The following morning, we are texting and he begins to question me about how often I’m at the house. I didn’t think anything about it since I was running around trying to get ready, driving to the hospital, and of course going through my to-do list in my head.

This is more so the true color of the flowers


While I’m visiting with a client my supervisor text me saying I’ve received flowers. It immediately put a smile on my face. I arrived at the office and saw the pretty flowers along with the short and sweet note. It was a nice surprise to have a full week and receive flowers at the end of it. Turns out the flowers were suppose to be purple (my favorite color). Boyfriend was a little upset that they didn’t get he order right. Although I would have lived the purple flowers, the flowers were just what I needed :).




















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