I Trust You

“But I trust you

Lord it’s not easy

Sometimes the pain in my life

Makes you seem far away

But I’ll trust you

I need to know you’re here”

This is a verse of the song by James Fortune titled I Trust You. A song that I have heard multiple times and have sung even more times. However, the other day I sung this verse and it really just hit me how true it really is. I mean I cannot speak for others… but personally this verse rang so true to me.

I Trust You

I mean every time I have an issue, problem, internal or external pain, etc I speak to the Lord. (And no it’s not the only time, but I know who to call for help.) I hate to say that I question or wonder why me, but I am human. I do wonder if the Lord is here with me, if he meant for it to happen. Then I remember, the Lord allows everything to happen and everything happens for a reason.

We or I sometimes get so caught up in the planning of our lives or the vision that we see for ourselves that when something goes off course we immediately start to question. We obviously forget who is in charge.

We get so down when something bad or negative happens. Temporarily forgetting it’s in the Lord’s hands. The funny thing is, the issue we were stressed over will seem so small once we allow the Lord to take the wheel. All we have to do is wait on the Lord to work it out. Even through the worst of times, we must trust him.

Can you name a time so far this year you had to remind yourself to trust the Lord??

No matter what you are going through….. TRUST HIM!



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