First Cruise: Food and Stops

As promised here are a few photos of the food from my cruise.

For lunch, my family and I ate on the Lido Deck which consisted of burgers, tacos/burritos, pizza, and a variety of buffet options. So I didn’t really capture any images of our lunch.

We had a table reserved in one of the dining rooms every night. One tip I can give is to definitely bring a canned drink to dinner. I didn’t do it the first night (I didn’t know I could) and the water wasn’t good. The lemonade was entirely too sweet, so I learned to bring a drink down every night.

During dinner we were able to order multiple meals. So I took advantage. I ordered an appetizer and two entrees every night. I wanted to get a variety of things just in case I didn’t like something.

I literally forget to take pictures of my food on some nights, but here are a few pictures below.

Miami Vice is the only drink I had during my time on the ship. It was so good.

I always wanted to get a fish pedicure. When I saw this in Cozumel I immediately knew I had to try it. It tickled; felt like a constant vibration

Met a man who created these beautiful pieces. Definitely had to make a purchase!


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