Eco Style Gel Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil

Let me start off by saying I love this product. I saw this product on Instagram and made a visit to my local beauty store. One of the workers saw me picking it up and stated that they just got it in again. The time before they sold out quickly. I was in luck.

I can only vouch for this product being used to slick my hair down when I wear ponytails. I wore ponytails for close to a month; therefore, I used this product frequently. The one thing I loved about the product is that although I used it weekly I never had any flake. I was able to wrap my hair at night and in the morning I couldn’t tell that I slicked it down the day before. Initially I was using another brand to control my edges and it was okay. I can honestly say I haven’t picked up anything else to keep my edges down since purchasing this Eco Styler.



Product Deets:

  • Cost: This product cost less than $5 at the local beauty store
  • No flake… I mean none
  • Contains Black Castor and Flaxseed oil
  • Promotes Hair growth


How I Use the Product:

After I brush my teeth and shower I began the process of putting my hair in a ponytail. I like to do this earlier because after I add the Eco Styler I use a headscarf to tie my hair down. I apply the eco styler all over my edges. After I apply the product and get the ponytail to my satisfaction I tie it down and move on to makeup or searching my closet for an outfit. I personally keep my hair tied down as long as possible.

What I Noticed:

I only skipped the headscarf step once maybe twice, but I did notice a difference. My hair did not last as long when I did not tie it down after applying the eco styler. So when putting your hair in a ponytail, I suggest tying down your hair as you finish your morning routine for best results.

Pick It Up or Put It Down:

I definitely suggest you finding this product at your nearest beauty supply store. Even if for some strange reason you don’t love this product, I’m sure a friend or a family member would enjoy using it. If not, hey you only spent less than $5.

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