Beginner Makeup Must Haves

I must be honest, I am no where near a makeup guru; I just love makeup. Personally I enjoy watching Youtube videos and seeing what products look like on other people. I also enjoy taking strolls through the aisles of Sephora and Ulta scoping out products I would love to try. Although it can be risky, I am definitely one who enjoys trying new products, although I must admit it can be expensive. I mean there are always new products coming out that make me say “Man, I want to try that!” I wanted to create a simple makeup post for the ladies who are just now getting into makeup. whether young or old this list is intended to help anyone who is just now dipping their feet into the makeup world. We always see professionals with a ton of various products and a ton of methods. However, you don’t always need all of that. (At least not in the beginning.) Below I am listing the top 5 products that I think every beginner should have in her makeup bag.


Initially when I started wearing makeup I did not wear a primer. Honestly, I didn’t understand the importance of it. However, the more I started to wear makeup the more I wanted to understand. And this is what I discovered. PRIMER IS IMPORTANT. Let me repeat. WEAR A PRIMER. Primer has many benefits. I will just say that primers are a great barrier between your skin and the makeup. Primers are also helpful in making sure that your skin has an airbrush finish and assists in prolonging your makeup look.


Okay so this is a very important part. I mean the foundation is everything. There are many different types of foundations so you have to figure out which ones best fit you skin type. I am oily; therefore, I prefer to use matte foundations to help control the oil. It is important to know your particular shade. I suggest heading to Sephora and using their Color IQ in order to know your matches in a variety of the brands they sell. Once you create an account you can always have access to your matches. I also found a site called This website asks you to enter a brand, product, and shade of that particular foundation that you wear. Then it gives you recommended matches from a variety of brands. The great thing about this website is the brands range from drugstore brands like Maybelline products to high end products such as Bobbi Brown and Nars. I do suggest testing the products as both of these methods could be a shade or two off.


I personally don’t own any high end mascara at the moment. When you are just starting out I definitely suggest going to your local WalMart to purchase your mascara. The drugstore versions work really well. Mascara is that product that some people cannot do without. Mascara can have many different functions. There are some mascaras that give your lashes length while others assist in giving your eye lashes the curl effect.  Just remember mascara should be replaced approximately ever three months.

Pressed Powder

Applying a powder after your foundation aids in allowing your makeup last longer. Be careful when applying this type of powder because adding too much will give you a cake-like finish. Pressed powders are also great for touch-ups; therefore, it is easy to throw in your purse when you are on the go. (As you can tell from the first picture my pressed powder has been thoroughly used. lol)

Setting Spray

This is another step that I take in order to combat my oily skin so I tend to go toward matte setting sprays. I apply the setting spray after I apply my powder to set my makeup. Sometimes I apply the mist after adding a primer as well. It’s your choice. However, in order to give your face that extra umph I suggest finding the proper setting spray for your skin/makeup needs.

In each of these categories you may purchase products that absolutely do not work for you. On the other hand you may purchase products that become your holy grail. Honestly, it’s all done by trial and error. The great thing about most stores is that you are allowed to return makeup products that do not work for you. There are a lot of products out there, so do your research and take your pick. As I stated these are definitely not all the products that one can use. I know I use more than five items in my makeup routine at times. However this is my version of sticking to the basics. So tell me what are your 5 basic makeup staples?


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