5 Tips to Build Rapport with Professors

This post could have been titled something like “Tips to Get Noticed by my Professor” or “How to Get on my Professor’s Good Side.” So for those students who are just now entering college, I wanted to share a few tips to get you underway. There are many more tips, tricks, and advice to be given, but I wanted to start you off with 5 simple tips to get you going for the beginning of the semester. These tips are important in building relationships with the professors. I choose to start with these tips because your professors are critical in your journey throughout college. I personally knew all my professors and had plenty of scheduled and random visits to their offices. Your college professors can provide you with a lot of information regarding classes, internships, job opportunities, recommendation letters to clubs and organizations, and even references for jobs.

So please take heed to these 5 tips to get you started toward building a rapport with your professors:

  1. Purchase your textbooks. Many students feel as if they won’t need textbooks or they can get by with borrowing a book. I personally have purchased majority of the textbooks I needed in college. College bookstores are expensive; therefore, Amazon has always been my go to. Compare the prices of textbooks from various sites. I personally always preferred purchase new textbooks as oppose to used textbooks or renting.
  2. Prioritize. I can’t say this enough. I won’t lie and say that I always completed assignments before schedule. I also won’t deny rushing through to complete assignments minutes before class starts. I did it. But it’s not the way to go. I learned as I continued on. Prioritizing is important. The more you procrastinate the longer you procrastinate. Teachers remember students (and not in a good way) who do not turn in their assignments, are always late turning in assignments, or those students who half do assignments. Set time aside to not only complete assignments; but to do it right and be thorough.
  3. Know your professors. A smart thing would be to sit in the front of the class (I encourage this); however, I have always been a middle/back seat student. However, I knew my professors well. Although I sat in the back of the class, my grades didn’t reflect that. All of my professors knew my name and could see my drive to pass their classes. I would visit with teachers in their office asking questions regarding the textbook or to go over test questions that I missed. Your professors need to know that you are putting forth the effort to pass their classes. Building rapport with your professors comes in handy if any issues arise throughout the semester and remember they give you your grade.
  4. Know your advisor. I think this is very important when coming into college. Most times your advisor is a professor that you may already  be building rapport with. That’s great. It is important that you meet with your advisor often to make sure that you are on the right track. I have personal experience where a professor told me one thing and another stated something else which caused confusion with credits and graduation date. Stay on top of it. As a student you need to know your classes and the curriculum for your major. Know your expected graduation date and make sure every visit that you are continuing on the track for that date.
  5. Don’t be tardy to class. As I stated teachers remember the students who don’t make it to their class on time. Those students who are always disturbing class because they are late. Teachers get frustrated when they have to stop to pass out paperwork or repeat something because a student or students came late. Warning: Some teachers lock doors once they enter the classroom which means if you are late you will not enter.

Okay so we’ve went over 5 tips to help get you started. No, these will not secure your spot with the professor. It will take time, but it also takes a lot of work and proving yourself. Don’t worry I plan to give you more tips to help with not just professors but college in general. Stay tuned :).


  1. Chisala

    March 15, 2018 at 1:04 PM

    Well written. I feel I should do this a little more than just a few weeks.

    1. DreciaRenee

      March 15, 2018 at 3:55 PM

      Yes it is definitely something one has to consistently do. But it pays off in the end

  2. Stormie

    March 15, 2018 at 3:41 PM

    Great read hun! As a college graduate, these tips are so true! XO and stay fab!

    1. DreciaRenee

      March 15, 2018 at 3:56 PM

      Thank you so much!! You do the same 🙂

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