5 Tips for Booking a Hotel


It’s the summer time and for a lot of people that means vacation time. One of the most important decisions when planning a trip is choosing where you will stay. The room where you shower, sleep, and rest is critical. I mean who wants to stay in a smelly, small, broken tv, horrible service hotel. Not me!

There are so many websites that are geared toward helping you book a hotel at a great price. These sites also allow you to choose certain amenities that you desire in your hotel. Personally, I hate finding hotels. There are always so many things to consider when looking for a hotel.

Below I will list my top 5 things to consider when looking for a hotel. These are things that I find useful when I am traveling. Maybe all of these considerations do not apply to you but if they do, keep them in mind.

1. Free Wi-fi- I know that this tip seems like common sense; however, common sense is not always too common. This is important. Whenever you are looking to book, make sure that they offer free wi-fi as an accommodation. Most hotels do offer free wi-fi. Other times adding internet access during the length of your stay can quickly add up. I mean wouldn’t you rather spend that on a souvenir or add it to a meal. It’s easy to assume a hotel will provide FREE wi-fi. I’ve had the “luxury” of having to pay for wi-fi because I simply forgot to look for it under the accommodations. Learn from my mistake. Also when booking, make sure you are looking closely at the print. Certain hotels will usually provide free access to the internet for loyalty members only. If you are not a loyalty member, be prepared to pay extra. Another feature to pay attention to is the number of devices that are allowed to connect per room. Yes that’s right, hotels will now charge you per device; usually each room is allowed two devices.

2. Location- When possible, calculate the distance from the hotel of the places you want to go. Save yourself a few dollars on gas by arranging your stay in close proximity. It will prove beneficial if you keep your hotel close to your main attractions. Not only do you want to make sure that your hotel is in a prime location to the place you want to go, but also that you are not extremely close to traffic or busy streets. Another thing to consider when looking at the location of a hotel for me would be restaurants that are close. It is nice to know that there is a Chic-Fil-A  on the same street or an Ihop right next door.

3. Free Cancelation- Things happen and plans change. it is important to have the ability to cancel your reservation in the event that you can no longer make it. Certain hotels offer free cancelation up until a certain date with no charge. This is what I look for. Although no one wants to cancel their vacation, it is so much better to be prepared on that end. Make sure you read the fine print on when you are allowed to cancel your room and if there is any charge for doing so.

4. Complementary Breakfast- Although you may not utilize the complimentary breakfast every morning, it is a great option to have. Im not a huge breakfast eater; however, if I know I will have a long day, a cup of coffee and a waffle are a great way to start my morning off. Certain hotels provide a great breakfast in the morning, while some I could really do without. However, as I stated, I love having the option to go downstairs and enjoy breakfast some mornings.

5. Read the Reviews- I can’t tell you how many hotels I have passed on based on hotel reviews. Reviews are the sure way to find out what people loved and hated about your hotel. These reviews can give you insight into the hotel you are considering. Things like hotel service, wi-fi, cleanliness of the room (and bathroom) and much more can be found in the reviews. Reviews are not all bad. While reading, you may catch a few reviews that are raving about the service of the hotel staff or the prime location to certain attractions.

So there you have it folks! I know that there may be a few necessary amenities that I left out. However, you may not be able to find a hotel that gives you all of your desired amenities. I would suggest finding your top 2 (maybe 3) amenities and going from there.

Remember if you are unsure about anything, call the hotel directly to get any of your questions answered.

What do you consider when looking for a hotel?

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