2018 Goals

2018 is here which means that it is time for 2018 Goals.

I am honestly not a big New Years Resolution person. However, if you have visited my blog before then you know that I am a goal person. (Yes there is a difference) I love making list of items and checking them off. Majority of the goals that you will see listed below are goals that I have already started working on, goals I need to get back on track with, or goals that have unintentionally created a cycle of starting and stopping. I try to be very realistic when it comes to creating and tackling goals. However, that does not mean that I don’t dream big and dream for my future.

Honestly, I am just looking to  better myself. I follow some pretty great people on Instagram. I absolutely love seeing women empowering women, women succeeding in business and life in general, and let me not forget to mention all the happy couples down my timeline. It is all so motivating.

Blog Goals:

Become Consistent. Blogging is something I have always wanted to do. It is so easy for me to get caught in life and blogging because the time on my to-do list that get pushed back. It’s crazy because although I might not tackle creating content and posting, I am always thinking about the fact that I have a blog that needs content. I know that I need to be more focused on creating and posting content. There are so anythings that I spend time doing that could be spent on creating content. The entire blog is depending on this goal.

Grow Social Media Following. I want to increase my social media following. Currently, I have a Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin’, and Pinterest and of course an Instagram account (Please feel free to follow). By becoming more active on these sites I hope to increase my following and increase my interactions with current followers. I don’t want to give myself a set number; instead I want to be happy with any growth I am able to achieve.

Work with Brands. I am still fairly new and I definitely haven’t been as consistent as I need to be. However, I still hope that I am able to connect and work with brands. I want to work with small companies and large companies alike. I want to review products and give my readers my honest opinions on products.

Become More Social in the Blogging Community. On Facebook, I have joined a few blogging groups to help interact with other bloggers. I need to work on getting involved with other bloggers. I love being able to read about the journey of other bloggers. It is nice knowing that you aren’t alone in the quest to create a successful blog. Having other bloggers to share your questions, advice and to receive support is great.

Guest Blog. This is actually on my 101 in 1001. I had an opportunity during the Christmas Holiday; however, other things got in the way. I would love to have someone allow me to speak to their followers.

Personal Goals:

Exercise More. This shouldn’t be too hard being that I currently don’t exercise at all. I feel that this is always a goal for girls (and some gus) staring the year. Last year I started working out before my trip to Flordia. After I got back I stopped working out. I started again sometime in September then stopped. Then of course I couldn’t start in December because well it was Christmas and I didn’t want to watch my food intake. I am just not very consistent and without someone holding me accountable I can easily “forget” about the need to workout. I want to be fit and be one of those people who can exercises every day or every other day.

Drink More Water. I have been trying to work on my skin, hair, and increasing my water intake. I created a post here discussing the benefits of drinking lemon water. Drinking more water is linked with radiant skin and hair growth. I want both. Not only that but it is healthy and substituting that Dr. Pepper for water is definitely healthier.

Saving Money. I am working on to save money. Not necessarily for anything in particular but simply because I need to. There are a few different ways I plan to go about making this goal happen. I plan to make a future post talking about the challenges I have chosen to use.

Credit. I  simply want to increase my credit score. It is currently in an okay spot and I want to work to get it into a great spot. It will definitely take time and patience, but I am determined to increase this score.


Pray Together. This is something we have done a few times; however, we did not remain consistent. I want us to learn to consistently pray together as well as separate.

Improve Communication and Listening. This is something that we are constantly working on. Relationships are hard and communication is key. I want to make sure that this remains a goal of our because we can always improve in the way we communicate. Making sure that we are listening to understand and not to respond.

Financial. My boyfriend and I both share the same thoughts in regards to increasing our credit scores and saving money. We have things together that we want to save for as well as separate things. He has agreed to partake in a money challenge with me.

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

~Psalm 20:4


I honestly could go on and on. But I won’t. I’ll stop there. If you have not set not any goals for yourself for the month please jot some down and stick them somewhere you will see everyday. I am definitely a firm believer in writing down your goals. 2018 goals I am coming for you!

Comment down below a few of the goals you plan to accomplish this year (or even this month).



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