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Mackenzie Horan’s blog was one of the first blogs I “lurked” came across when I first started looking at blogs. As I viewed her blog I saw her 101 in 1001 days. I Loved it!  As I’ve stated before I am a huge fan of list. Being the list lover that I am, I thought why not take my bucket list and create a 101 in 1001. I started writing my list a while back and just never finished it. Initially I wasn’t going to post my list, but then isn’t that what blogging is for. I graduate December 18th and I think this is another great way to remind myself of the goals (and wants) I have set for myself. Now some of the things on my list may be really simple while some are pretty big for me. I would love to accomplish everything on my list; however, if I don’t it’s not the end of the world. Besides there is always round 2.

Start: December 2015
End: August 2018

1.   Move into and decorate my first  “real” apartment.

2.   Go to the spa

3.    Painting with a twist at least 2 times (Jan 5, 2016 Phe bday, ) (Feb. 13, 2016 VDay) (March 19, 2016 with Jai and his cousin)

4.    Go to the gym for a month

5.   Visit a city I’ve never been to before (Las Vegas, Nevada; Hot Springs, Arkansas; New York City)

6.   Connect with another blogger

7.  Find my hair regimen

8.  Try 5 new foods.

9.   Buy a random person a meal (Purchased 5 hamburgers to give to the Homeless on the strip in Las Vegas)

10.   Attend NBA game ( December 31, 2017 Thunder  vs Mavericks)

11.  Attend NFL game (JB and I attended the St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals on 12.6.15)

12.   Go to a gun range

13.   Attend MLB game

14.  Learn to use a photo editing app

15.   Start and complete 5 series on Netflix/Hulu. (1.Shots Fired)

16.  Work on my posture

17.   Write a letter to myself to open in 5 years.

18.  Blog Blog Blog

19.   Travel to a new state (New York)

20.   Travel out of the country

21.   Go to Bora Bora

22.   Attend a comedy show ( Saw Katt Williams: Conspiracy Theory at CenturyLink Center)

23.  See a drive-in movie

24.   Create an album of my graduation photos

25.   Find a beauty/skincare routine that works for me

26.  Go to the doctor to check on my constant headaches/migraines

27.   Study for and pass my GRE test  ( took my GRE test on 12.22.2015)

28.   Graduate with my Bachelors (Graduated on 12.18.2015)

29.  Attend and graduate with my Masters (starts May 24, 2016 graduated May 12, 2017)

30.   Get a puppy

31.   Take a trip for my 25th birthday (San Antonio, TX)

32.   Graduate from graduate school with at least a 3.5 GPA (Graduated with a 3.8)

33.  Register for and pass my LMSW examination (October 3, 2017 I passed)

34.   Cook a dessert from scratch

35.   Go paint ball fighting (July 8, 2016)

36.   Attend a concert (The Great Xscape Tour)

37.   Read 5 classic novels

38.  Watch 5 classic movies (1.Breakfast at Tiffany’s,)

9.   Go on a cruise

40.  Make 10 recipes off of Pinterest (1. Crispy Shrimp Pasta, 2. Shrimp Pasta alla Vodka, 3. Cheesy Enchilada Casserole)

41.   Read 20 new books

42.   Create 3 How-To post

43.  Finish my vision board (Jan. 1, 2016)

44.   Go on a picnic

45.   Purchase a strangers meal in line

46.   Care packages for the homeless

47.   Read for 30 minutes every night for two weeks

48.   Attempt yoga

49.   Learn how to properly work my camera

50.   Inspire someone to write their own list

51.   Leave money randomly in 3 places for someone to purchase something

52.   Attend a wine tasting

53.  Host a game night

54.  Donate money to a charity/organization

55.   Start another savings account

56.   Read the Bible start to finish

57.   Go on a girl’s vacation

58.   Get back to my goal weight

59.  Invest in an expensive handbag

60.   Get my palm read

61.  Watch the sunrise/sunset

62.   Give 5 just because gifts

63.   Visit Disney World again

64.   Pay off student loans

65.  Buy a piece of furniture from a consignment shop and revamp it

66.   Move to a new city

67.   Rent cabin by the lake for a weekend

68.   Create and complete 5 DIYs

69.   Start a Blessings Book

70.  Organize Itunes library

71.   Purchase at least 5 items off of my Wants list (big or small)

72.   Build my credit up

73.   Go hiking

74.   Attend a concert

75.   Go zip lining

76.   Pay for a stranger’s coffee

77.   Purchase some Nike work-out attire (3 bras and 2 pair of shorts)

78.   Update wardrobe.. (new dresses and definitely new shoes)

79.  Get a facial

80.   Attend a poetry/spoken word event

81.   Expand make-up

82.   Donate to Toys for Tots

83.   Spend a holiday in a different city/state (Dallas not included)

84.   Take a vacation with JB (JB and I went to Las Vegas with my brother and his wife in May 2016)

85.   Attend a blogging conference

86.   Save a set amount and take myself on a shopping spree

87.   Try 10 new restaurants (Warehouse, Trapps, Blind Tiger, Guy Fieri, Gilly, On The Border,)

88.   Get my passport

89.  Visit an aquarium (Shark Reef Aquarium Mandalay Bay)

90.   Lose belly/tone my body

91.   Attend a New Year’s Eve party

92.  Go on a hot air balloon ride

93.  Eat at a food truck

94.   Find my favorite perfume

95.   Journal for a month consistently

96.   Create a vanity area in my room

97.   Give my sister a (great) graduation gift May 2018

98.   Find my shade of pink lipstick

99.   Get passport

100.    Go to an amusement park

101.   Save $10 for every goal accomplished

This was a list I started a while back. I have always went back to mark off any of the goals I have accomplished. I plan to continue to be consistent on keeping this list updated with my progress. Have you started a list? There is no set time to start. Any day is a good day to begin fulfilling your goals. Leave a link below so I can check it out. 🙂


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