25 Facts for My 25th



SOO I pray that when you read the above lyrics you actually started singing so I just want to say thank you for telling me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. In the spirit of my 25th birthday I wanted to share 25 facts about myself.

1. My full name is Fre’Drecia Renee Payne. In case you were wondering,
yes I am named after my father. I always questioned my mom
about this but it has grown on me over the years.

2. I love quotes. II mean I have a notebook dedicated to quotes. Something
about a few words having the ability to sum up an entire feeling.
(I believe that quotes can move a person the same as listening
to a particular song that matches their mood.)
3. I love reading. I used to enjoy waking up on Saturday morning and heading
to the library to pick a book, sit in a corner chair and let the time
pass. Sad to say but I haven’t done that or been to the library in a while. I
spend my time reading books from the Nook app and now I am
really getting into more self-development/self-help books.
4. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Sorority Incorporated and
The Society of Distinguished Black Women.
5. I am a stressor. I will stress over the simplest of things. Even when I tell
myself not to stress, I still seem to stress.
6. I am a big believer in signs. When I need guidance on any situation I have a
talk with the Lord. I am always praying that the Lord sends me a sign to help
me make the best decision. Then I confuse myself wondering if something
is a sign or if it is just my imagination.
7. I can spend the entire day watching Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI,
Law & Order SVU. A perfect lazy day can consists of me
laying in bed watching marathons in sweat pants.
8. I love making lists. Creating lists and checking off the
9. I love love reading proposal online. I’m not a mushy gushy type
of girl, but I love love. I enjoy reading how couples met
and the amount of time and effort a man put into proposing
to the woman he plans to spend his life with. (The downfall to
this is that I know what a proposal can be. I just pray
mine is special and memorable.)
10. My favorite color is purple.
 11. I am a total introvert. Once I get to know you,
I can open up; however, until then
I am total shy.
12. Two locations on my bucket list are
Bora Bora and Santorini.
13. I have really bad acid reflux. I can go a few days without
feeling sick/nauseated. Then all of a sudden I
take a bite and I’m rushing to the bathroom.
I never know when it will come.
Sometimes it can happen multiple times
per week other times it may be a few
days in between. TMI sorry
14. Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink.
15. I hate driving and directions are not my strong suite.
16. I have horrible posture. I have been identified from
the back because my walk gave me away.
17. Indecisive is my middle name. It’s not because
I don’t know, its just because I’m not picky so
a lot of times I don’t care.
18. I believe this is my lucky number.
19. I have frequent migraines/headaches.
20. I dislike speaking in front of a lot of people.

21. My face has a tendency to show everything I’m
thinking. I’ve been told my facial
expressions tend to give me away.
22. I graduated in the field of social work with my
bachelors and masters degree
from Grambling State University.
23. I am more of an introvert.
24. I get hot easily. I always want sleep with the
fan on (unless I am sick). I also always want
a blanket or cover on top of me.
25. I have an older brother (dad side) and a younger sister.
I tend to suffer from middle child syndrome;
at other moments I suffer from the oldest child syndrome.

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